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About the DVD / Sample Videos & Lessons

Sample Videos & Lessons

Video 1 Get a Financial Life
The first video in the series introduces basic vocabulary and key concepts such as wealth building, savings and an important rule - "spend less than you earn".
Sample Video Clip | Sample Lesson (PDF - 92 KB)
Video 2 Get Smart: Decisions Have Consequences
This video covers trade-offs and opportunity costs related to both small decisions, such as what to wear, and big decisions, such as how much time and income one should devote to investing in one's own human capital.
Sample Video Clip | Sample Lesson (PDF - 80 KB)
Video 3Get Banked: The Banking Advantage
This video illustrates how vital it is to have a banking relationship and reveals the surprisingly high costs of being "unbanked", warning of the pitfalls of frequenting pay-day lending and check-cashing establishments.
Sample Video Clip | Sample Lesson (PDF - 72 KB)
Video 4Get the Credit You Deserve
This video aims to demystify credit and debt, showing that smart credit decision-making can enable one to live a more fulfilling life. Key concepts such as calculating APR and understanding credit scores are discussed in detail.
Sample Video Clip | Sample Lesson (PDF - 80 KB)
Video 5Get a Financial Plan
The final video in the series stresses the importance of budgeting and planning, saving early and often, vital concepts including compound interest and "paying yourself first", and defines various investing instruments and risk tolerance.
Sample Video Clip | Sample Lesson (PDF - 72 KB)