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Financing Your Future Glossary
In addition to the glossary that is available on the Financing Your Future DVD which focuses on personal finance terms, the Council for Economic Education has a comprehensive economics and personal finance glossary which contains more than 500 terms.
Download Financing Your Future Glossary (PDF - 44KB)

Council for Economic Education Glossary

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Gains from Trade
The increased output resulting from trade; with trade, each individual, region or nation is able to concentrate on producing goods and services that it produces efficiently, while trading to obtain goods and services that it does not produce.

Although there is no one precise definition, the term usually refers to the increased flow of trade, people, investment, technology, culture and ideas among countries.

Something a person or organization plans to achieve in the future; an aim or desired result.

Tangible objects that satisfy economic wants.

Government Expenditures
Goods and services provided by government and paid for by taxing and borrowing. Federal government expenditures include national defense and a system of justice. State and local government expenditures include police, roads and public education.

Government Failure
Policy and budget choices by government officials that result in inefficiency.

Government Revenues
Funds raised through taxing and borrowing to pay for government expenditures.

Government Spending
Spending by all levels of government on goods and services; includes categories like military, schools and roads.

Grace Period
A period of time allowed for payment of money owed; after the grace period has elapsed, interest may be charged.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
The market value of all final goods and services produced in a country in a calendar year.

Gross Income
A total amount of money earned (from salaries, wages, etc.) before taxes and other deductions are withheld. Also known as gross pay.

Gross Pay
A total amount of money earned (from salaries, wages, etc.) before taxes and other deductions are withheld. Also known as gross income.

Growth Fund
A mutual fund whose major objective is long-term capital growth. Growth funds offer the potential for substantial gains over time, but shares fluctuate in value during ups and downs in financial markets.